PALAZZO PRETORIO, Piazza San Pietro, Chiavenna SO
September 29 - October 27 2019

Cured by Michele Caldarelli

a universal theme read and played through images and words

In the Atlantic Code Leonardo da Vinci writes on several occasions about the waters of the Lombardy territory, the Chiavenna Valley is widely described ... Su per il Lago di Como, di ver Lamagna valle di Ciavenna, dove la Mera fiume mette in esso lago. Qui si truova montagni sterili e altissime con grandi scogli... Su per detto fiume si truova cadute d'acqua di 400 braccia, le quali fanno bel vedere... These are the falls of Acqua Fraggia (Fracta) which from the glacial lake at 2,000 meters precipitate in a "broken" way over and over again creating visions of liquid and vapors of great suggestion.
Chiavenna, which in its own territory hosts this landscape made of imposing rock and fluidity with a thousand aspects, now hosts this exhibition by Emilio Alberti which has made water its own source of inspiration and on this theme he developed an extensive series of works, some of which have already been exhibited in Como, in San Pietro in Atrio for the exhibition Mondi Liquidi, inl Santa Maria del Lavello Monastery and at the Po Museum in the Ducal Palace of Revere (Mantua) with the current title Acqua. The exhibition is now proposed, renewed, in Chiavenna, waiting for a long journey that will soon touch other museums and institutions.
Water is considered by Emilio Alberti as a source of life, an element of purification or regeneration. Primordial element, symbolic constitutive of the origins of world, generating substance and vehicle of transformation, whose surface separates the sky from the depths of the abyss. Now motionless mirror, reflecting, in the pond of Narcissus, now tumultuous and violent wave, cause of oceanic shipwreck, infernal river ... Styx, Cocytus, Lethe. Its aspects, its natures, nourish almost endlessly human imagination, support everything that is transient between life and death, penetrate the mystery of existence, offering images, reveries or even concretely support and sound to the literary narrative, artistic imagination, philosophical speculation. But, it should certainly not be forgotten, water is also material life, precious element for the survival of all living beings, which must be conserved and used intelligently on earth, as well as sought after elsewhere in the cosmos for a possible migration of humanity beyond the destinies of our planet or, further away, of the solar system. (M. Caldarelli)

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BREEZE ON THE LAKE, Acrylics, stucco, aluminum on board, cm 80x65, 2016 ______________FOUNTAIN, Acrylics, stucco, aluminum on canvas, cm 120x100, 2019